Ludde is a video game where you explore a charming winter world and engage in countless exciting, challenging, and fun activities for all ages!

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All of these activities are equally important but focus on those who you enjoy. As long as you complete enough activities, and thereby collect enough golden dog bones, you’ve proven yourself ready to face the evil threat which endangers the peace that usually distinguishes Ludde’s village.

Ludde is very flexible, he can run fast and jump high, but to really make traversing the world a breeze, there are lots of snowmobiles spread out and ready to use.

  • Explore a charming winter world
  • Engage in countless fun and varied activities spread across the snowy world
  • Focus on what you enjoy: explore your surroundings at your own pace and choose which activities you wish to complete
  • To ease exploration, rental snowmobiles can be found anywhere, ready to use
  • Thanks to the pick-up-and-play concept and multiple difficulty settings, the game is equally enjoyable for all ages

Wishlist on Steam